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The contrast couldn’t be bigger.

While Trump is still fighting the election results (although he is said to have instructed his staff to start the transition), Biden had a with Jacinda Ardern, who offered him help to fight the pandemic in the US.

I thought it was symbolic for what’s currently happening in the world. And what needs to happen: the rise of a new type of leader. No, I’m not naive. I think this is really happening.

, in my view, is THE example of modern leadership. Authentic, reliable, transparent. But of course she is not the only…

The Amstel river, Amsterdam. Monday 9 November 2020.

Monday 9 November was anything but a Blue Monday. It was the day after the weekend that Biden was as President, that Pfizer brought the encouraging that it has a 90% effective vaccine that might become available before the end of the year and that the temperature in Amsterdam hit a record 17 degrees Celsius.

Ok, I admit the latter was not really a world event and can also be perceived as a sign of climate change. Definitely not a reason to celebrate. Truth is, I did enjoy the sun and warmth today during my lunch break ;)

This piece is a translation of the Dutch version I wrote last week for LinkedIn. There were so many positive reactions and comments that I thought it might be useful to publish an English version. Here you go!

100% work-from-home won’t be the ‘New Normal’, but will be a rule rather than an exception for many people for the foreseeable future.

Here are some key tips that I hope might help you to stay mentally and physically healthy during ‘lockdown’. At least, they help me. There are many more, but I thought these are good ones to start with.


For many this is a scary headline. But I think one always has to look at anyone to learn from. Even if you’re not a fan of Trump, like me.

After all, there’s something he’s doing right. His success has been anything but a coincidence.

I’m not a political analyst, but a strategist and specialist in leadership positioning. From that angle, Trump disrupted the political industry. Whether you like it or not.

The biggest part of this disruption comes from his communication strategy and style. It’s his bold, compact, concrete and digital way of communicating. I’m not talking about his…

In the coming years, founders, CEOs and leaders at companies of any size will have to speak up much more on important matters about their industry or even beyond. They are the ones best positioned to do this: they have authority (not unlimited though) and they know their industry like no one else.

What I have noticed in recent years is however: they are often afraid to say something that (they perceive) might hurt the business. But this is a misconception. Honesty and transparency are more respected in 90% of the situations.

“This is the era to follow through. …

Purpose is probably the most used word in business the past few years. It might very well also be the most ‘misused’ word.

When we talk about purpose today, it seems entrepreneurs and business leaders are only allowed or accepted to run a business if they are good for the planet. I think there’s no human being who doesn’t want a better world (if not, they’re probably not worried about purpose either).

In an ideal world, creating a better world is or should be the default option and be an integrated part of any business (we’re definitely not there yet).

Image by MustangJoe from Pixabay

Australia and New Zealand are implementing ‘’. Germany and Austria, too. Countries are circulating lists with ‘red’, ‘yellow’ and ‘green’ zones. Big indoor and outdoor events won’t be possible until there’s a vaccine. Limitations for certain age groups might be put in place. Mass and other sectors are heavily hurt. But, opportunities are arising as well. For countries and companies. How?

Although some measures might be temporarily, many will be with us for a while or even forever. Add to this the change in consumer mindset and behaviour that will be the legacy of this impactful period and…

In the beginning of this year, I that the decade of ‘Leadership’ had started. The ‘Who’ is getting at least as important as the ‘Why’. Nobody knew that the biggest leadership test of this decade was about to start a couple of weeks later. What a ride it has been!

I’m not going to talk about the casualties and economic damage that countries are suffering. That’s terrible. But how has the world done in terms of leadership? Or is it too early to say anything logic about it? I don’t think so. …

As a business leader you’re now looking for concrete ideas on how to deal with the impact of covid-19 in the short term and thereafter. In this piece I’m sharing some concrete ideas. Both small and big. Keep in mind: look closely at what is happening to consumer behaviour now and in the near future, as that will drive (future) needs.

So, here we go. The ideas are cross-over sectors. They’re partly based on last week’s . Some might sound obvious, most of them hopefully not;) The devil is as always in the detail of execution.

Space-bars and sanity seats

From South China Morning Post — 8 April 2020

While corona is still battering the world, we cannot ignore the need to think about what change corona will bring. As with all crises, the impact of intervention and massive measures on governments, companies and consumers will be long-lasting. But there is one thing, that will probably drive even more change.

A lot is and will be happening to people’s minds and behaviour going forward. Why? Emotions are a big driver for change. So think about what will happen if almost 8 billion people around the world have had some sort of fear, pain, uncertainty, but also hope and optimism…

Diederik Heinink

Founder East | Business Strategist | Leadership Coach | Author ‘The Era of the Who’ — Leadership in a revolutionary era | Speaker | Columnist Business Insider.

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